We are a NFP organization specializing in the assistance and placement of individuals in need of various services. 

If we do not offer the services directly, we have various NFP organizations that we sub-contract with to get the  the desired service for you. 

We use our leverage with other organizations to explore the various resources assuring that the end result is satisfactory to the requested needs of our participants.  


Resourceful Service Center, Inc. has been in business since June 2014,

We have served many participants throughout the years and formed a continious relationship with our particpants as a voluntary crosswalk in maintaining the stability of the new benefits afforded after completion of the services provided by us.

Our rent reporting service is a vital step to the
forefront of validating an established payment history that  will benefit you in other areas and programs not only through us but in your day to day life.

Following the full range of services offered, particpants feel the need to continue the communication with our organization and we welcome the continunity for the many benefits our resources can offer.